Frequently Asked Questions

What this site does ? uploads your file to several free hosting providers. You just need to upload your file to our server once, it will be automatically uploaded to several free file hosts like RapidShare, MegaUpload. After the file is uploaded to our server, you will get the link to the download page which contains the all the download links.

How do I upload a file ?

Go to and click the Browse button near the middle of the page. A file dialog box will appear on your screen. Select a file you want to upload. Then click the Upload button and wait for your file to finish uploading. That's it, the rest is done by us.

Where is the Download Link ?

After upload process to our server is over, the download link will be displayed. You can share this link with your friends or post it in forums etc.

Why some download links show failed ?

While uploading, some file host may be down temporarily. We do retry and if its not successful even after two attempts the file status is changed to Failed. If you try after few minutes it should probably work. Alternately, you can verify that the Web site to see if there is no problem.

Could you add new hosts ?

Yes, provided that these hosts have existed for more than a year and the maximum size of files is 1024Mb, if these conditions are not met we invite the directors of these hosts to contact us to find common ground otherwise, there will be little chance he added.

What do you do with our IP addresses ?

Some IP addresses are actually collect during your visit but only to measure site usage, it is encrypted with a double AES encryption, only one of the administrators know. They are deleted from our database as soon as possible.

Do you spam or sell my email address ?

No! We respect your privacy and takes care to protect all your personal info.